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Christmastime is Here! (Fisher Price Little People Series)

Fisher Price Little People Christmastime Is Here!: Lift the Flap - Reader's Digest Association Good night in the morning, my nephew *loves* this book! He has asked me to read "the Prismas book" to him so many times, I'm almost beside myself! This is a year 'round read for him, and he *always* knows where this book is!

Christmastime is Here is well executed. The text is simple, the pictures are completely engaging for pre-school aged kids, and the surprises under the flaps are a lot of fun. The book is happy, bright, and easy for little kids to manipulate, and (this is not to be under-valued in books for little kids) it's durable! My nephew lacks, shall we say, finesse when he's handling a book, and this book *holds up* to him. If Christmas literature is appropriate for you and your little child, this is an excellent addition to your holiday library!