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Deep Waters (Inspector Ikmen Series #4)

Deep Waters - Barbara Nadel I did enjoy this book, and I whipped through it very quickly (as I have done with all of the Cetin Ikmen books), but I didn't like this one as much as some of the others. The plot seemed kind of all over the place with this one, and there was just so much *weirdness* and family dysfunction going on. Also, I'm beginning to get a little bit weary of all the dysfunctional sex that seems to go on in these books. If Nadel wrote Ikmen to belive that murder is either motivated by sex, fear, or envy, then it would be a nice change of pace to have a murder motivated by either one of the latter two emotions for once.

Given all that was going on in this book, I found that I really relished the parts of the story that involved Fatma. Even when she's off kilter she's the most grounded, functional person in the book. This is the first Ikmen book in which I have really come to appreciate the anchor that Fatma provides to Cetin's life, and the safe harbor that she allows him and the reader to come home to.