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Tyrannosaurus Time (Just for a Day Book)

Tyrannosaurus Time - Joanne Ryder, Michael Rothman The text in this book was very rich for a children's book I thought. It was very poetic, used language that was vibrant and not at all dumbed down, and it was used very well to create a world as percieved through a dinosaur's senses. The pictures were wonderfully drawn, except for one that my niece and I both struggled a little bit with the perspective on.

I thought the book was pretty good, and my nephew enjoyed it because it's a dinosaur book. While he seemed to enjoy the dinosaur-iness of Tyrannosaurus Time, I do think that Tyrannosaurus Tex and Dinotrux are really more his speed right now.

When we were done reading the book I asked my seven year-old niece what she thought of it, and she said, "Mmm... It's a little too violent. I don't like killing." Ok, so there was *one* page where the T-rex kills a triceratops, and he does proceed to eat it with ravenous gusto on the next page. Point taken, these two pages were a little violent. But carnivores *do* eat other animals, except in Tyrannosaurus Tex, where they eat baked beans. Kids or parents not so down with realistic depictions of carnivorous behavior should maybe avoid Tyrannosaurus Time. Sadly, because the more violent aspects of this book didn't sit well with my niece, I have to only give it two stars. Despite her feelings, however, the book is still well done, and I am sure that it is highly likely to be appreciated by older (nine or ten years old, or so) dinosaur-loving kids.