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A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark

A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark - David A. Adler This book is a nice treatment of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and is probably aimed at older elementary school children. This book could easily be used as a resource for those kids needing to write reports about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

That said, it was too far outside of my niece's age range to be truly of interest to her. It was a book that I checked out knowing that it would probably be "too old" for her, but I thought that she might get something out of anyway.

She did get something out of it. She learned a brief little biography of Lewis and Clark's respective lives, and she learned that Lewis got shot in the rear end at one point in the journey. That was of interest to her. :-) The rest--eh, not so much.

This book uses quotations from journals and other sources, and provides more information about the Louisiana Purchase and about the purpose of the expedition. It is a more in-depth treatment of the journey than some of the other children's books out there. This book also provides information about the fate of Lewis and Clark after the expedition, even briefly touching upon the questions surrounding the death of Lewis. Really quite a decent educational book about this expedition, and it could certainly come in handy for that report for history class.