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I Am Sacajawea, I Am York: Our Journey West with Lewis and Clark - Claire Rudolf Murphy, Higgins Bond This is a very nicely done book about the Lewis and Clark expedition as told from the point of view of Sacajawea and York. My niece is studying the Lewis and Clark expedition in summer camp, and although she had heard of Sacajewa, she had not heard of York. I chose to read this book to her as a way of illustrating to her the contributions of other figures taking part in this expedtion, and as a way of illustrating to her that the Lewis and Clark journey did not just involve white people. Credit where credit is due.

The illustrations in this book are just beautiful. They managed to capture a sense of intimacy as well as a sense of grandeur, helping the reader to feel like they were part of this expedition across a grand, unknown, dangerous, and beautiful land. The illustrations held my niece's attention, and even drew my three-year-old nephew into the story. The text was far above his head, but the pictures were not, and this enabled him to also be exposed to some history. He actually sat and listened to this story all the way through, and he asked questions about what he was seeing in the pictures. I am confident that this was due to the beauty of the illustrations.

I thought the story was well told. I appreciated the afterword, which added to the story, and provided a real sense of how Sacajawea and York's respecitive ethnicities figured into how their achievements and contributions were viewed by their contemporaries, as well as by history.

My niece said, "I really liked that book. It's really very interesting. That was good to read." She also enjoyed the pictures. The book also excited her because it reinforced some of the things she has learned about the expedition, and gave her the opportunity to tell me more about what she was learning. All in all, this is a very good book to read to children studying American history, the Lewis and Clark expedition in particular, or to children learning about ethnic and cultural diversity.