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Buildings in Disguise: Architecture That Looks Like Animals, Food, and Other Things

Buildings In Disguise: Architecture That Looks Like Animals, Food, and Other Things - Joan Marie Arbogast This is such a cool book! It's a little bit unfair to say that I've "read" it. My niece and I looked at all of the pictures and marveled at people's creativity and ingenuity. The book certainly sparked her interest. Many times she got excited and said, "That is so cool! I want to go see that!" It's a start. Someday I'd love to hear, "That is so cool! I *built* that," but... Baby steps. :-)

We did really and truly read the section on Lucy the Margate Elephant, and not only did my niece learn about this really beautiful, cool building, but she also got to learn about what a patent is, and what rights it bestows on a patent holder. She got to learn about what various forces of nature can do to buildings, and what activisim can do in terms of helping to save landmarks. We will keep this book for awhile and read more over time. This one is worth taking time over.

The pictures are just fantastic, and there is a general map in the book showing readers where all of these landmarks are located. I can't speak for all of the text in the book (yet), but what we did read was very accessible to kids from about 7 or 8 on up. Honestly, the section on Lucy even held my 3 year old nephew's attention, and both kids were firing questions off at me so quickly, I could barely finish a sentence!

An interesting, well done book, that is likely to intrigue kids and adults alike.