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Kangaroo Island: A Story of an Australian Mallee Forest (Nature Conservancy)

Kangaroo Island: A Story of an Australian Mallee Forest - Deirdre Langeland First of all, the illustrations in this book are very lovely! At the end of the book there is a fold-out leaf that illustrates the various animals in the habitat presented in this story, and it is just a nice picture to look at. There is a page that tells us about Kangaroo Island, it's history, and its ecological life, and there is a world map that shows us exactly where Kangaroo Island is (my niece and I loved this little touch, since she is just starting to learn about the world's continents and oceans, so it gave her a real chance to apply her classroom geography lessons). There is also an illustrated glossary at the end of the story that tells kids more about the various animals presented in the book, which I also thought was a great addition.

The story itself is also well told. As I was reading the story I couldn't help but think of the "Wild Kingdom" type of documentaries that I used to watch on TV as a kid! The book was informative, entertaining, and very pretty. A good read for a kid who loves animals and nature. My niece was captivated.