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Gus Was a Gorgeous Ghost

Gus Was a Gorgeous Ghost - Jane Thayer;Catherine Woolley;Seymour Fleishman This was a story that my mother read to my sister and me when we were children. I had forgotten all about it until I found it on the shelves at the library yesterday. I read it to my niece and nephew, and they both enjoyed it as much as my sister and I did when we were young!

My niece was particularly fascinated by Gus' problem, and she had fun listening to how he was going to solve his need for color and beauty in his life. I was tickled that she reconized some other famous ghosts who made cameos in the story, and I think that made her laugh a bit, too.

My nephew is three, and he informed me that, "ghosts and witches are scary," but I think that as he realized that Gus was a nice ghost he became more interested in his antics. After we read the book he asked his mama if she would read it to him at bedtime, so it all worked out in the end.

Very cute story, and the black and white illustrations with occasional bursts of vivid color make the story very impactful. I'm glad I rediscovered it!