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The Long Earth (Audio) - Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter, Michael Fenton-Stevens 1) I've been listening to this book all day, I'm on chapter 9, and it's still boring. I have no attachment to this story or the characters at all yet. Nothing has grabbed me, so I feel like this is a waste of my time.

2) This story clearly centers around American characters from an American city, but the narrator of this audiobook is British. Normally, I wouldn't care about something like a narrator's nationality, but unfortunately, there is a real dissonnance here that is detracting from my ability to enjoy this book. The narrator does a better New York accent than I can, to be sure, but he frequently sounds like a British guy trying to do a New York accent. It sounds weird and inauthentic. What's more, the characters hail from Madison, Wisconsin, so the accent isn't even geographically accurate! Unfortunately for me, this narrator has killed my ability to get into this story.