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The Story of Little Babaji - Helen Bannerman, Fred Marcellino My niece and nephew loved The Story of Little Babaji! The illustrations in this book are just fantastic, and the expressions on the faces of the tigers throughout the book are such fun to look at! The kids laughed at each tiger as it strode around in an article of Babaji's fine clothing, and they laughed as Babaji taunted the vain and stubborn tigers while he took his beautiful clothes back.

I was a little worried that the kids might not be up for this book. The story is a little long, and at several points my nephew was anticipating the ending before it was actually in sight. When he was pretty sure I was on the final page he'd say, "let's read it again," only to be told, "it's not over yet." This exchange happened three or four times, so yes, there is length to consider here. Still, I think that this is probably the longest book that my nephew has sat through without his attention span going south! He and his sister were just transfixed by the beauty of the illustrations, and the wonderful voice of the text.