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Whose Mouse Are You? (Stories to Go!) - Robert Kraus Ok, I admit it, I'm rating this book higher than I think my niece and nephew would. The kids both liked this story, but probably not any more than perhaps a three star rating would justify. But my mother read this story to me a lot when I was a kid, and I had forgotten all about it up until it showed up as a recommendation for me here on Goodreads! As soon as I saw the image of the cover, this story raced back into my memory, and I remembered how much I *loved* this story when I was a kid! I loved the colors, and the pictures, and the way my mom read this book to me. Reading this book to my niece and nephew was just a lovely experience to me. I was a kid again, and an auntie both at the same time. I'm lucky, and I get to have that feeling a lot with my niece and nephew, but rarely do I get to have it with them over a book that I loved so much as a kid.