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I Am Number Four (by Pittacus Lore)

I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore

I wasn't aware that this was a YA book when I picked it up, and that's probably good, otherwise I doubt that I'd have read I Am Number Four.  Being a YA book there was a lot of teenage love drama, complete with sappy dialogue and "lingering kisses," and "I couldn't sleep because I miss you so much" type of sentiments.   Since I am well away from my teenage years, this kind of stuff triggered my gag reflex more than it pulled at my heartstrings, and it is definitely the aspect if this book that I least enjoyed.  I thought that the portrayal of teenage love was very accurate, it's just that as a fully formed adult I just can't really stomach teen love, and am mortified that I too once acted like a complete idiot when I was in love during those years.   But I digress.


I honestly enjoyed the rest of this book.  I thought the characters were well written, the plot was interesting and entertaining, and the action and emotion were rather well done, too.  I liked the book, and am just hoping that as the main character ages, the love aspects of the stories will mature as well.