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American Gods : A Novel / by Neil Gaiman

American Gods - Neil Gaiman

I finished this book yesterday afternoon, and am still processing it.  I liked the book.  I solidly liked it.  I liked the way it centered gods and religion around primal, mystical truths.  I liked the way that the story wove those truths in with lies.  I liked the surreal nature of the story,and I liked how easily my mind accepted that surrealism because somehow there was something crystal clear about it.


I feel like there was great depth, truth, and clarity about this story.  I felt that most strongly as I was actually reading the book.  But when I put the book down, I'm not sure I could have explained what I had just read.  Like gods and religion, the story was like trying to catch smoke.  Just when I thought I understood, I discovered that my understanding was incomplete.