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Archie and the Pirates / by Marc Rosenthal

Archie and the Pirates - Marc Rosenthal

I haven't read to my niece and nephew in ages, so I was really excited to read to them today!  The first book we read was this one, Archie and the Pirates.  Both kids received this one favorably, and my nephew asked if we could re-read this again before bed.  The story is simple and entertaining, and the friendships that develop between Archie the monkey, Clarice the ibis, and Beatrice the tiger are warm.  The illustrations were engaging, too.  Both kids were moving closer to the book as we read, just drawn into the pictures and the story.


I miss reading to the kids as much as I used to.  Reading Archie and the Pirates reminded me how much kids need stories, and it reminded me of how much I love playing a role in helping them gain literacy.