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Bridget and the Gray Wolves / by Pija Lindenbaum

Bridget and the Gray Wolves - Pija Lindenbaum, Kjersti Board

Ah, I see now that this book was translated into English, so that might explain why this story felt a little choppy in places.  Ok, I'll give the book a break on that, but this still wasn't a story that the kids and I enjoyed that much.


We all thought the story was just too unbelievable.  I mean, kids have big imaginations, and they are pretty willing to run with any story.  My niece and nephew weren't running with this one, though.  We didn't understand the games that the wolves and Bridget played, we were disturbed that Bridget was lost over night without anyone seeming to have missed her, and both kids thought Bridget was a little bossy.  Although, that could have just been the way I was voicing her.


My nephew also specifically mentioned that he didn't care for the illustrations in this book.  He said, "all the people were drawn weird."  They looked fine to me, but art, like literature, is subjective.