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Wolvs / by Emily Gravett

Wolves - Emily Gravett

We read two books tonight that featured wolves.  The other was Bridget and the Gray Wolves.  This was the better of the two books from both a narrative and illustrative standpoint. 


I don't mind the portrayal of wolves as long clawed, strong jawed, furry carnivores, because after all, that's what they are. The book really deals in facts--nothing was in here that a wolf would call inaccurate, it just wasn't a book that gave us a full view of a wolf and their place in the ecosystem.  There are good nonfiction books out there for that.   The Wolves Are Back springs immediately to mind.  This book was meant as a little bit of irony and black humor (a rabbit checking out a book about wolves?!  What could possibly go wrong?!), and my niece and nephew really enjoyed that.