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How to Write Policies, Procedures & Task Outlines / by Larry Peabody

How to Write Policies, Procedures & Task Outlines: Sending Clear Signals in Written Directions - Larry Peabody

I have to rewrite procedures at work, so this is a good time to learn how to do them right.   I got this book today in a class taught by Larry Peabody' s son.  The edition I have is the 3rd edition, copyrighted in 2009 and 2013.


My weakness is words.  I write procedures in a narrative style.  They're too wordy, too full of filler, and not easy to read.   So, I need to change how I write for work.  This book doesn't just tell me to do it, it tells me how to do it!  I mean, structurally how to do it.


The book outlines common policy writing pitfalls, and tells writers how to avoid them.  It provides good instruction about how to write useful and effective documents.  The book provides many examples to illustrate points, and it's concise while still being full of information.


This is definitely a book that will change the way I write for business.  I am so thankful to finally have something that tells me how to write more efficiently and effectively!  And I think the trainees who have to read what I write will be thankful, too.