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Bigmama's / by Donald Crews

Bigmama's - Donald Crews

I totally disagree with the rating I just gave Bigmama' s.  Before people start to think that I have some sort of personality disorder, let me explain.  I thought Bigmama' s was a great book.  It was about the times that Donald Crews spent on his grandparents Florida farm when he and his siblings were kids.  The story was told in spare, uncomplicated language, but it was clear that Crews holds these memories close to his heart. 


My niece, however, wasn't overly impressed with this book,  and my six year old nephew proclaimed it, "Boringest. Book. Ever."  This is probably an exaggeration, because I'm pretty sure that I've read "the boringest book ever," and this wasn't it.  That said, even my sister didn't care for the story, or even for the illustrations of the people in the book.


So, it seems that my family and I don't see eye to eye here.  Maybe I'm just more sentimental than the other people in my family.  Or maybe they are the crazy ones.