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Fear Itself / by Walter Mosley ; narrated by Don Cheadle

Fear Itself - Walter Mosley, Don Cheadle

This is the first time that I have read anything by Walter Mosley, and I truly enjoyed his style.  Mosley's characters were very well fleshed out, they were compelling, and believable.  I fully accepted that they fit into a real world, into a real place in time.  Fearless and Paris complemented each other, and their friendship really seemed to bring out the best in both of them.  


This story had a lot of layers, and several characters, and it demanded that the reader pay attention.  An inattentive reader risks becoming left behind right quick by this complex story.


I listened to this on audio book, and it was narrated by the great Don Cheadle.   Cheadle was marvelous at voicing the various characters.  He brought out nuances of their personalities and even their appearances all through excellent voice acting.  Mosley's wonderful writing, combined with Cheadle's stellar voice acting combined to make an audiobook that I did not want to stop listening to.  Really well done, and I can't wait to read more of Mosley's work.