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Mouse Guard : Winter 1152 / by David Petersen

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 - David Petersen

First off, I thought Mouse Guard : Winter 1152 told a much less confusing story than Mouse Guard : Fall 1152.  Part of this may be because I was already somewhat familiar with the characters and their society, but I also think the author just did a better job of telling the story in this one.  Fall 1152 seemed very heavily focused on the breathtaking illustrations, and not so much on the textual element of the graphic novel.  While the illustrations were still the main focus in Winter 1152, there was decidedly more text in this one, too, which helped to flesh out the story more.  Don't get me wrong, the storytelling is still not rock solid in Winter 1152, but there does seem to be improvement as the series progresses.


This story, like Fall 1152, made me think of Watership Down and The Lord of the Rings, but this time Star Wars was brought to mind as well.  There was a little Obi-Wan Kenobi/Luke Skywalker vibe going on here, and I kind of liked that.  I hope to see it continued in future books, but it could just as easily be confined to only this Mouse Guard story.  We'll see what transpires, I suppose.


I will say that I read this on my Kindle Fire, and that was not a good choice.  The Mouse Guard books deliver stunning illustrations, and the Kindle just cannot do justice to those illustrations.  They really need to be viewed full size, and on paper so they can be fully appreciated.  Also, you can't really increase the font size for this graphic novel on the Kindle, and that print was exceptionally hard to read.   I suspect that if I read this in print format I'd have liked it better.   In this case I just don't think the electronic version was a suitable alternative to good old fashioned ink and paper.