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Devil in a Blue Dress / by Walter Mosley

Devil in a Blue Dress - Walter Mosley

I really like the way Mosley writes.  His writing is beautiful, his characters are complex, fully realized, and in most cases, just trying to get through life with their dignity intact and with that one thing they love beyond all else in hand.  I can't explain Mosley's writing.  It's quiet, but there is a storm brewing underneath.  It's hope amidst hopelessness.  It's the desire for freedom and respect in a world in which those things are not available to the people in these stories.


Devil in a Blue Dress is a complex story.  There are a lot of threads to it, and boy, you have got to pay attention and keep your characters straight, because the ending is not a nice and neat package with a pretty little bow on top.  Black and white come up against each other a lot in this book, and black and white result in grey.  There's a lot of grey in here, but you have to accept that grey, because Mosley's writing makes it clear that life in the world in his books, and life for his characters is never all black and never all white, and you can't judge until you've walked a mile in these characters' shoes.


Beautiful, intense, unrushed storytelling.