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The Snare of the Hunter / by Helen MacInnes

The Snare of the Hunter - Helen MacInnes

A Cold War era story of defection, featuring some intelligent, capable, brave women as lead characters.  What's more, this is a thriller written by a woman writer!  Seriously, what's not to like?


It's a Cold War game of cat-and-mouse, and our protagonists receive very little respite from their apparatchik pursuers.  No one knows who to trust and who to suspect, but they do know that there is a cat among the pigeons.


The story never rests too long in any one place--the reader and Irina (our defector) moves from Czechoslovakia to Switzerland very quickly.  This is not James Bond, however.  There is nothing glamorous about Irina's flight from behind the Iron Curtain.  There are no big explosions, not even a whole lot of violence.  Everything is done with a neat, quiet urgency, and there are lots of close calls.


A quiet, well written thriller.  Your knuckles will never be white from gripping the armrest too tightly, but you will feel the urgency driving the characters in this story.