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Above Suspicion / by Helen MacInnes

Above Suspicion - Helen MacInnes

It wasn't fair.  It just wasn't fair of me to try to read this book.  I don't know why I did.  Stories set against the backdrop of WW II almost always fail to hold my attention.  Above Suspicion was set in 1939, just before WW II got into full swing for the Allied Forces.  So I guess maybe I thought since it wasn't quite WW II years from an American perspective (1941-1945) that maybe I'd be able to hang on for this ride.  Also, I really liked The Snare of the Hunter by MacInnes, so I thought I'd enjoy this one.


I have to admit that it was interesting to see through the eyes of Richard and Frances how Germany was transforming from a warm, friendly, open place to a fascist regime, but good grief!  I read about 45% of the book and it was just. so. slow!  Honestly, I have no idea what Richard and Frances were running around Germany for!  The pace was so glacial that I completely forgot what their good old buddy Peter Galt had enlisted them to do, and since I couldn't remember their mission, I couldn't really see much point in continuing to traipse around Germany with this endearing couple.


I liked parts of the book, I did.  But there just wasn't enough varied action to keep my interest.  You can only read about so many cobbled streets, dirndls, brown shirts, and red roses before you kind of want something, anything to just happen already!