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Cats Can't Shoot / by Clea Simon ; narrated by Tavia Gilbert

Cats Can't Shoot - Clea Simon, Tavia Gilbert

So, lately I've taken to a new method of choosing what books I'm going to read or listen to.  I go to my library's downloads, and basically shelf-browse their electronic books.  I randomly pick a page and choose a book off that page.  That's how I found Cats Can't Shoot, a mystery story which has a beautiful white Persian cat at the center.  I once had a beautiful white Persian cat, so I really couldn't pass this book by.


It isn't a perfect book.  It's longer than it needs to be, and Pru spins her wheels a lot.  Pru can communicate with animals, and this Persian cat knows something about the murder of her human.  In fact, it looks like the Persian was responsible for setting off the gun that killed him.  The problem is, this pretty kitty doesn't want to talk to Pru, so there's an awful lot of "If I could just get her to talk," and an awful lot of, "what's so-and-so's role in all this?"  There are slightly jerky transitions between ideas, and sometimes I was left shaking my head a bit, in a "where did that come from" sort of way.


The book does do its animal characters well.  Pru's cat Wallis is wonderful, as is Lucy the little French poodle, and It's fun to have pets integrated into the story line.  Our animals really are very much a part of our lives, so after I got past the idea of, "I can't believe I'm reading a pet mystery," it seemed natural that pets would be by our sides during a mystery, too, and it was quirky to get their take on things.


I listened to this on audiobook, and it was narrated by Tavia Gilbert.  Gilbert was game during the narration of this book, and she really did a wonderful job.  She put feeling and emotion into the story, and made the human and animal characters sparkle. Her narration made the whole thing seem fun, and less, well, silly.