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Little Elvises / by Timothy Hallinan ; narrated by Peter Berkrot

Little Elvises - Timothy Hallinan

You know, this was really a fun book to read!  Our "hero," Junior Bender is a burglar.  A criminal.  A bad guy.  He has also gained a reputation "as a competent private investigator for crooks."  Junior isn't all bad, though.  He's a divorced family man and has a close and loving relationship with his 13 year old daughter.  In the passages where he's spending time with her, Junior's kind heart shows through.  He's also not above helping out the non-criminals in his life, and he helps them without expecting anything in return.  


Junior was tasked with solving two mysteries in this book; one on behalf of a criminal, and another on behalf of his old, lonely landlady.  Both mysteries were interesting and the reveal for one of them was something that I never saw coming, so that's good.  What I really enjoyed about the book, though, was the characters.  Every character that Timothy Hallinan wrote into this book was colorful.  They all had a certain charm, and sprang vivdly to life.  There was a sense of humor about the book, and Junior's interactions with many of these characters left me laughing out loud.  Really, Little Elvises was a rather charming bit of noir, and I think I've discovered a new mystery series!