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The Shining / by Stephen King

The Shining - Stephen King

I try to like Stephen King's books.  He's a popular author, his books get made into popular movies, and basically, he's a literary and pop culture icon.  Everyone likes Stephen King, right?  So why don't I?


Simple.  Because he scares the crap out of me before he can even get me to the point where he's really trying to scare the crap out of me!  He puts the sinister and abnormal right there amongst the everyday and normal.  It's like he has a photo of pretty Great Aunt Doris on the wall, and as you're admiring her he says, "she was brutally murdered with an axe.  Would you like a cookie?"  This says to me, "I am going to scare you to death, but before I get to the real scares, I'm going to torture you with lots of small pinpricks of fear."  I am a huge chicken, so naturally, I run screaming from the room before he's even gotten me up the front walk!  Now, I say this with admiration, and I'm sure that Stephen King would take it as a compliment: he's too weird for me.  Too scary, and too twisted.  So, The Shining is yet another Stephen King book that I close knowing I don't have the guts to see it to the end.