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Destiny / by Alex Archer

Destiny - Alex Archer

Ok, totally not a four star book, totally not very well written, totally convoluted and ridiculous, and at times a little hard to keep track of.  But I can't help it!  I ate this book up!  It's an action book with a smart, educated, female protagonist who is not looking for a man (not a kiss or a roll in the hay in sight), and she kicks ass!  Unbelievably so, actually, but the girl dishes out her martial arts moves!   I could just feel the air around her on her flying sidekicks, the solid thump of her roundhouses as they took the air out of her attackers' lungs, and the crunch of someone's nose as she drove her palm heel strikes home!  Plus, it had some mystery and some paranormal-ish elements to it, so it just had me sold from the first line!  Lord, awesome fight scenes and a quest for a legendary wolfman-like monster?  What's not to love?!