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Captains Courageous / by Rudyard Kipling ; narrated by Lorna Raver

Captains Courageous - Rudyard Kipling

Captains Courageous is a great story about how setting expectations upon kids, and making them work in order to find their own sense of self worth helps them to become courageous captains of their lives.  I liked that a lot, especially since my sister and I are currently working on getting my nephew off the entitled/spoiled track and onto a more respectful path that requires him to meet some expectations and to exercise some self-control and discipline.


Unfortunately, Captains Courageous doesn't translate very well into audiobook format, I'm afraid.  It's a dialog-heavy book, and in audio format it's not always clear who is speaking.  The narrator has to be very good at making distinctive voices so that the listener can know which characters are involved in a conversation, and while Lorna Raver did that, there are just so many characters it was still difficult to keep track.


The other problem I had with the book was that it was about two chapters too long.  The story ended for me once Harvey made it home a better person than he was when he left.  The story was about Harvey gaining self-respect and a solid foundation upon which to build his life.  I couldn't care less about his parents travelling cross country by train to come and get him, etc., and I completely tuned out the last chapter of the book.  I could not tell you one thing that happened in that last chapter.


Captains Courageous is a good book.  It's a good sea tale, it's a good coming-of-age story, and it's a good adventure book.  I think that the story was just diminished for me due to the format in which I heard it.